Can Real Estate Agents Have Tattoos

Can Real Estate Agents Have Tattoos?

Personal image is a very important factor especially when we are looking for professional success; it even applies to every profession. Even though things are changing, still tattoos appear to be a taboo for a lot of employers. Even the real estate sector doesn’t escape this debate; hence it is quite normal that a lot of brokers and agents wonder how acceptable these are the tattoos!

Real estate is an industry where first impression makes a huge difference between success and failure. For such reason, lots of real estate agents and brokers go to huge lengths just to ensure that they always look their best. It includes everything right from what they are wearing to grooming habits.

But, when you invest in different designs & tattoo styles, you may wonder if tattoos can affect your real estate career. Are there any drawbacks to getting a tattoo as you develop your reputation? Can a real estate agent consider getting a tattoo? Let us check out some of the benefits and drawbacks of getting a tattoo and know what your clients and other real estate agents may think about your tattoos.

Can Real Estate Agents Have Tattoos

Benefits of Having Tattoos for Real Estate Agents

Yes, it is true. There are some benefits of the real estate agents getting inked. Given is the complete list: 

Helps to connect with similar interest clients

An important benefit of real estate having tattoos is an instant rapport that it will build with clients who share a similar approach to such body art. This creates a sense of brotherhood & will establish a strong foundation of trust from the beginning. So, gaining the trust of a client is an important thing for real estate agents or brokers. Clients who are inked might feel a bit more comfortable working with an agent who knows their love for the tattoos, thus leading to stronger client and agent relationships.

Helps to build a personal brand

As most of the real estate agents/brokers have the same appearance it is tough to stand out. Related clothing, hairstyles, and more will make it tough for a few agents to build their brand. However, having a tattoo will help a real estate agent to make their unique personal brand.

Helps to establish trust

Tattoos are the best way to express to your clients that you’re self-assured and comfortable in your skin. This will be the best way to build trust & connect with  your clients.

Drawbacks of Having Tattoos for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents looking to get a tattoo must consider some potential drawbacks that will come with the visible tattoo. Though people are becoming more and more accepting of tattoos, still there is a stigma linked with them in the professional world. It can be a serious problem for agents who have to interact with many different clients in a professional setup.

Negative stereotypes

One drawback is many people hold negative stereotypes regarding people with tattoos. No doubt people’s attitudes towards tattoos have been accepted of late, but still, some will judge you based on your appearance. It can affect your credibility as a professional real estate for some people.

Specific company policy

Besides, there are certain company rules and dress codes that real estate agents have to abide like getting visible tattoos. It can limit your dress choices and need you to cover your tattoos when at work.

Difficulty in maintaining professionalism

Real estate agents should strike a perfect balance in expressing their unique style through tattoos & able to maintain a professional image. Certain agents struggle to maintain a strong professional appearance with visible tattoos. 

For a real estate agent, it becomes important to project a strong appearance that instills trust and confidence among their clients. Agents might have to consider how and when to display the tattoos appropriately, which depends on the professional setting and specific client. Sometimes they might have to keep their tattoo concealed from the clients.


Thus, the decision to get inked as a real estate agent will be more of a personal thing. It is very important to consider both advantages and disadvantages before you make your final choice to get inked. If you are quite confident that the tattoo can help to improve your brand and connect with your potential clients, then consider getting it.

But, if you are concerned about any negative insights or restrictions at your workplace, then it is good to consider a discreet tattoo area or wait till you create a strong client base before planning to get a visible tattoo.

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